The Anglican Mission established Eghosa Anglican Grammar School in 1958. An existing private school with a two tier class structure was taken over by the Mission for the purpose of establishing the new school. A few of the students of the old school were assimilated into the new school after the entrance examination of 1958.

The first Principal was a young South African graduate, Mr Simon Tsephe. He was recruited by the Christian Missionary Society (CMS) and posted to the Archdiocese of Benin then under the leadership of Archdeacon S O Akinluyi, Mr Osa Osifo was the Vice Principal. Most of the teaching staff were non-graduates at the initial stage. The Anglican Mission took on most of these teaching staff with the intention of sponsoring the required training. Those who benefited from this initiative include Chief Ayela Uwangue who later became Principal; Mr Abiodun Ojiekere and Mr M A Uwubamwen.
In 1961 a Scottish gentleman was invited by the Mission to take over running of the School as Mr Tsephe had been transferred to Igarra Grammar School. Rev P N S Phillips came with an MA from Cambridge University. He it was who transformed Eghosa Anglican Grammar School.
Under him the main hostel block was completed, starting with four houses namely, Awosika; Payne; Oyebode and Aggrey. The Chapel and Dining Halls were also established.

Residential Houses were built on the school premises for the House masters. Pipe borne water was provided under Rev Phillips. Three science Laboratories, a Library and Classrooms were constructed at the Eastern side of the premises. The Assembly hall, football field and other sporting facilities were added onto the Eastern side.
Staff recruitment was a very important achievement under Rev Phillips. He recruited a wide range of expatriate staff, including Mr K Matthew who later became Principal of the School. Most of the Indian staff recruited to teach the sciences remained in the School till the 1980s! All Schools were taken over by the Military government in the early 1970s after the Civil war.
The Anglican Mission and other missionaries had tried to open dialogue regarding this, but all to no avail. The Military were bent on seizing the schools. Eghosa Anglican Grammar School lost the “Anglican” in her name!


The School Campus, 1962 - 36 acres


The School finally lost its glow when in 1980, the Professor Ambrose Alli Government closed down the School’s boarding house as punishment over an incident which took place on the New Lagos road. Combined with losing the Western premises, the School has not been able to regain the glory of yesteryears.

With the return of the School to the Anglican Diocese of Benin, it is hoped that the Western section of the original premises would also be returned as well, so that Eghosa Anglican Grammar School can finally be on the right path to glory.